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After earning your license, you are ready to sell insurance but as an Independent agent, you may find pretty quickly that you run into a lead generation wall. While you can start with family and friends for a while, it’s not an excellent long-term strategy. As an independent insurance agent, it is important that you make digital marketing a priority in order for you to grow your prospects, reach new clients, build strong customer relationships, and more. This article offers some helpful tips on how to use digital marketing to successfully scale your insurance business.

Referral Program

One of the best marketing strategies for insurance agencies is a referral program. Many shoppers who are referred are 4x times more likely to convert, which shows the effectiveness of recommendations. Plus, people who are loyal to your agency are 4x more likely to refer a family or friend. If you want to increase the number of clients that your insurance business receives, one of the most effective approaches is to encourage your clients to partake in a referral program.

Local SEO

In some cases, the insurance policies you sell are specific to a particular state. In this case, your insurance products are location-based (even if you don’t have a physical office), the best way to reach the people in your area of interest is to utilize local SEO. Local SEO includes several different methods you can use to rank your website higher on SERPs with local intent.

Social Media Ads

These days, social media is a must for pretty much every business. Customers do not only use social media platforms to connect with people; they also use them to research and shop. In addition to posting organic content on different platforms and engaging with followers, you can use ads to drive brand awareness and gain more leads among people that are not following your page.

For instance, you may want to learn how to advertise insurance on Facebook. Facebook ads help your insurance agency bring in consumers who already have an interest in your product but may not have taken action to request your service.

Google PPC Ads

You can use PPC ads to push your content and product to the top of relevant Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These ads allow you to target a specific audience with your independent marketing campaign. PPC marketing campaign is one of the strongest marketing ideas for insurance agents. an independent agent can multiply their conversions through word of mouth but you have to get that initial contact and relationship established.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best insurance marketing ideas. Choosing an insurance broker is not a quick decision most people make, nor is it a one-time process. Insurance holders need to renew their plans continually, at which time they can decide to even change insurance providers. With effective content marketing techniques, you can gain the trust of your target audience by establishing your independent business or new agency as a thought leader in the category.

Online Life Insurance Broker Advertising

If you’re ready to learn more about life insurance broker online advertising, our team of experts at Lantern Resources Group to learn about how we can help you grow your insurance business. Contact us today for more details!

Life Insurance Broker Online Advertising
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Life Insurance Broker Online Advertising Life Insurance Broker Online Advertising

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